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MustHD M700H HDMI On Camera Monitor Review

From Vision Wrangler

I grabbed a MustHD M700H 7 inch HDMI on-camera Field Monitor to use with my Canon, Nikon and Blackmagic BMPCC cameras. The affordable price and long features made it very tempting to get one from MustHD to use even for a backup monitor. I know the monitor is also suited for the Sony a7S series and Panasonic GH4 camera's in 1080P mode. The $235 monitor packs a powerful punch with a long list of features such as Focus Assist, Colour Peaking, Histogram, False Colour, Exposure, H/V Delay, Aspect, Over-scan, Pixel to Pixel, Black and White, and Zoom.

I decided to get the optional extras for the M700H monitor. The add ons I decided to get were the Carry Bag, the LP-E6 Battery Plate, and the D28S Battery Plate. The battery plates are just in case backups for the Canon and Panasonic batteries I have, if for whatever reason my Sony batteries ever played up. The F970 Battery Plate can take both the Sony NP-F970 L Series Camcorder Battery and the NP-720 battery. The add on battery plates and carry bag are an extra $20 each. Even with the 2 extra battery plates the monitor and extras all fit nicely into the padded carry bag that sports the MustHD logo. The M700H monitor is a good size for the BMPCC when I don't want or need to use the Ninja 2 recorder monitor, and instead record internally on the Blackmagic camera. The BMPCC's monitor is a puny 3.5" and is a bugger to stare at to get critical focus. Enter the MustHD M700H with its 7" of visual real estate. Some of the things about the M700H monitor I liked straight away are the screen is very bright, crisp and clean. The contest ratio is 500:1.

The weight of monitor is super light at 480 grams, and the buttons are nice and chunky and well spaced out. Any glare has been taken care with the detachable velcro sun hood that pops on and off in seconds.